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I find that the really good part of being "trapped" in Planet Earth, and the one that makes me want to jump!, is that we get the chance to explore the many wonders and awe striking phenomena of nature -which can sometimes really bring tears to my eyes and move me in very special transcendental ways- plus, we have the benefit of having at our disposal an immense array of human production, from architecture to gastronomy, from design to literature, every aesthetic manifestation of our great creative potential; art in its different forms can occasionally have that divine little thing that makes me feel flabbergasted, touched or even changed. I hope to share some of the "God on Earth" practical experiences that I've collected during my travels through this humble blog.

30 ene. 2013

Oaxaca, Mexican Art & Culture at its Best

Ancient City of Monte Alban

Oaxaca is a colonial city located in the green, mountainous area of south Mexico. With a thriving contemporary artist scene and producer of some of the most original and beautiful folk art in the country, Oaxaca represents a cultural hub for Mexico's past and present cultural history. It is also home to one of the oldest prehispanic ancient cities in Mesoamerica build by the Zapotec people, today the archeological site of Monte Alban.

Relatively isolated due to its geographic location, Oaxaca has remained a small clean town with a fantastic cultural offer. A range of museums, archeological sites, galleries and handicraft shops make the city a charming and folkloric experience amidst the green landscape, fresh air and pleasant weather that the mountainous area of Oaxaca State offers.

Santo Domingo Church in Oaxaca

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