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I find that the really good part of being "trapped" in Planet Earth, and the one that makes me want to jump!, is that we get the chance to explore the many wonders and awe striking phenomena of nature -which can sometimes really bring tears to my eyes and move me in very special transcendental ways- plus, we have the benefit of having at our disposal an immense array of human production, from architecture to gastronomy, from design to literature, every aesthetic manifestation of our great creative potential; art in its different forms can occasionally have that divine little thing that makes me feel flabbergasted, touched or even changed. I hope to share some of the "God on Earth" practical experiences that I've collected during my travels through this humble blog.

29 may. 2012

Friendly Lovely Thailand

Thailand is one of the friendliest places on earth, one of the many countries in Southeast Asia that offers an amazingly rich and colorful culture, embedded in a beautiful and exuberant tropical environment. Nevertheless, Thailand stands out because of its people. Thais make foreigners feel welcomed and at home with their kind, interested and open attitude towards the rest of the world, a positive and loving vibration that definitely marks a difference.
A visit to Thailand is a non-stop exciting adventure full with color, beautiful folk and traditional art, incredible and moving traditions, exquisite and delicate cuisine, electrifying nature, and a curious blend between ancient history and modern life, all involved in human warmth.
One of the most attractive art forms you will see in Thailand is Buddhist art, which comprises a vast catalogue of architectural gems and awe provoking sculptures that can´t help but astound its observers. As it well deserves, I have dedicated a whole article to Buddhist art, in which I show a taste of the amazingly detailed creativity and beauty of Thais' inventiveness in what religious art is concerned:
Buddhist Art in Thailand: Bangkok´s Main Buddhist Temples

A graphic overview of Buddhist Architecture & Sculptures in Bangkok's Main Buddhist Temples: Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. This article includes an extended picture catalogue.

Chang Mai Street Photography and Buddhist Temples
Chang Mai Old City in Northern Thailand, its unique Buddhist temples and the contrast between rural and westernized influences mingled in today’s folk culture.

Furthermore , because of the fact that Thailand wouldn´t be the same with the charm and kind nature of Thai people, I have dedicated a second article in which Thais' personality is analyzed through their religious beliefs´, how their Buddhist teachings shape the way they see life, and generate paradigms that filter through in everything they do, including  their friendly behavior towards other human beings:
 A brief essay that explores Buddhism in everyday Thailand and how its deeply engrained ethical and philosophical ideals give shape to Thais' happy, positive and friendly personality.