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I find that the really good part of being "trapped" in Planet Earth, and the one that makes me want to jump!, is that we get the chance to explore the many wonders and awe striking phenomena of nature -which can sometimes really bring tears to my eyes and move me in very special transcendental ways- plus, we have the benefit of having at our disposal an immense array of human production, from architecture to gastronomy, from design to literature, every aesthetic manifestation of our great creative potential; art in its different forms can occasionally have that divine little thing that makes me feel flabbergasted, touched or even changed. I hope to share some of the "God on Earth" practical experiences that I've collected during my travels through this humble blog.

10 nov. 2011

Temples of Angkor, Cambodia's Greatest Khmer Ancient City

If you have an adventurer within you, if you love nature and enjoy spending time surrounded by the peaceful beauty of a natural environment, if you like to admire the great accomplishments of human civilizations of today and yester years, if you like to travel and step into a different time and place coordinate, if you are curious and get pleasure from learning about different cultures, or all of the above, Angkor is one of those places you should get to know in this lifetime, and explore to the fullest.

The Temples of Angkor are a group of religious buildings spread throughout the Cambodian forest, whose mesmerizing beauty made them creditors to the Eighth Wonder of The World designation.

If you would like to read more about this Khmer Archeological Site, please go to the following article, where you will find a thorough description of the place and ample photographic documentation: