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I find that the really good part of being "trapped" in Planet Earth, and the one that makes me want to jump!, is that we get the chance to explore the many wonders and awe striking phenomena of nature -which can sometimes really bring tears to my eyes and move me in very special transcendental ways- plus, we have the benefit of having at our disposal an immense array of human production, from architecture to gastronomy, from design to literature, every aesthetic manifestation of our great creative potential; art in its different forms can occasionally have that divine little thing that makes me feel flabbergasted, touched or even changed. I hope to share some of the "God on Earth" practical experiences that I've collected during my travels through this humble blog.

12 abr. 2011

Fès (Fez), Morocco

An interesting fact about Morocco is that each and every destination has a marked uniqueness to it. With the exception of Tangier and Tetouan -which were really not worth it-, all the other places we visited bring some amazing fact about this country to light. I have to say that if you are planning to visit Morocco, Fès should be included in your itinerary for several reasons. This city gives life to the third biggest medieval city in the world: "Fès el-Bali". It is quite astonishing to explore Fès's old city and witness people living and going about as if they still were in the fourteenth century. In a way, it is a living museum, a Moroccan Arabic time trip to the middle ages. Fès naturally preserves a distinct Arabic identity, which is evidently so in the old city el-Bali, but also applies to the French influenced ville nouvelle, where you definitely know that you are not in France, you are unmistakably in the heart of the Moroccan Muslim culture. For every curious traveler interested in Moroccan culture and its art, this is a very attractive destination. Fès also has one of the best tanneries in Morocco and is big on leather work crafts (babouches, purses, wallets, etc). While wandering around the medieval city, you'll see many artists at work making beautiful creations out of different raw material (not only leather but silk, metals, wood, etc). Another highlight related to their traditional artistry, is the theological college of Fès el-Bali, a beautiful display of Morocco´s laborious and delicate interior design. Here is the seventh article of the Moroccan series dedicated to Fès, a visual guide to The Living Medieval City of Morocco: